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Word association

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okay, I am in a real silly mood today, what word would you associate with say TURN, would you say bird, or indicate, or what. I say a word you put down your associated word with whatever that word brought to your mind, then I or someone else, will put down a different word that comes to mind, and so on.

If you want to join in this moment of silliness then I will start off with WIGGLE
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on the up
High as a kite
Hoochie Coochie
Hokey Pokey
Messing about😆
Hide the sausage!
Where? in a hot dog woof woof 😆
You can hide your sausage in a hot dog if you want to. I'd prefer a hot chick.
C’mon guys, there’s ladies on the forum.

new word, ‘forum’
Sorry, scf, didn't mean to offend you.😁😎👍

Foreski..... Nah, meeting
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Oh, is it my turn Steve?
AA (you’re not an alcoholic until you start going to meetings)
Sausage roll
Door mat
Natalie Dormer
33921 - 33940 of 33956 Posts