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Word association

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okay, I am in a real silly mood today, what word would you associate with say TURN, would you say bird, or indicate, or what. I say a word you put down your associated word with whatever that word brought to your mind, then I or someone else, will put down a different word that comes to mind, and so on.

If you want to join in this moment of silliness then I will start off with WIGGLE
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Of course!
Golf course
Intercourse (Pennsylvania - we were there last weekend. :) )
St Ruth, a town in QLD, so small everyone just calls it Struth or you miss it!
bit like where I live,

Flipping heck
Pickle me grandmother!
shiver me timbers
Well, I'll be!
Well you should be 😆
Come on, ou' wif it!
I'll 'ave ya.
( Been watching "Peaky Blinders" 😁👍)
How sad:rolleyes:😄
Sarge sarge?? really😁
33901 - 33920 of 33956 Posts