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We are curious...

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Hi all,

We are here to learn from- and talk to you about your passion!

It is our mission to inspire motorcyclists worldwide to get out and ride. Whether it’s out on the track, going down a remote desert road or cruising city streets, our goal is to produce equipment that enhances and improves your riding experience.

The REV’IT! brand was born out of passion. Passion for making well designed motorcycle clothing, with love for the product and a keen eye for details and a passion for making well designed motorcycle clothing at an affordable price point.

We are curious what gear you are wearing, what is important, what you like and everything else you want to share with us!

Talk to you soon.
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I have used the Sciroco as my main jacket (except summer) since 2008. Your current "equivalent" isn't an exact equivalent and would not be a replacement choice.
Have Cayenne pants, also a go to item.

Own a Tornado jacket and pants also. These are not as satisfactory. The jacket vents poorly for mesh compared to others. I relegated it to backup and replaced it with a better Olympia hi viz AirGlide. The Tornado pants turn out to be the worst I've ever used for a simple but extremely stupid oversight by either the designer or maker= the material that provides a water resistance at the cuff liner is a rubber item that snags literally everything from bare feet to socks to boots or whatever one has on so it is very difficult to even put these things on. Now I know I have to interview the guys at Revzilla any time I might contemplate buying another item of yours to be sure this bit of stupidity has not been repeated. I guess there is a small chance the maker sewed that material on backwards but if so that says poor quality inspection at the factory.

I have been looking at your latest high end GoreTex laminate stuff but not pleased that there is no high viz model. I have rejected Klim gear for the same reason- their hi viz in the equivalent is not available- apparently they're using off shore supply with long lead times and their purchase by the snowmobile guys has reduced any sense of urgency in their management. My helmets are all white and my bikes all have extra lights and reflective material- I demand every possible way to stack the odds in my favor- been riding over 50 yrs and want to live to continue until I'm too old.

Have a set of older RevIT H20 gloves that are serviceqble and comfortable but suffer from the fact that the liner sticks to wet hands and is not well secured in the glove. I typically use either Held WarmN Dry or BMW Pro Summer gloves instead for that reason tough Held Steves are my go to to item for dry conditions.

Don't even think of you guys as a boot maker. There are too many boot specialists who make excellent stuff starting with Spidi and going on to the others.

Its about time you started providing decent back pads but they should be standard especially in higher end gear. Whether your choice to make them optional is driven by $ or lawyers- it is not at all admirable. Your primary goal should be to protect as many riders as possible with the product in its "as sold" form.

Also re pads, I am fed up with folks who fail to advance both the comfort and protection of these items so they get more use. Specifically, hard Knox stuff and similar is seriously obsolete- far too uncomfortable over elbows and knees if garment fits closely. Same for SASTec- their shape edges are an extreme annoyance in some stuff and it still doesn't bend well or is too hard- they need to invest in better molds. Best that can be said for it is that its the cheapest certified stuff out there that's better than Knox. The best current stuff is D3O or the multi layer items and that is what should be standard in all gear, especially higher end stuff. You need to develop some better stuff for joints, shoulders, etc now that you're in the pad biz. Also, stop with the dinky hip pads trend. I'm not a girl and don't care if they add an inch to my hips- they need more protective area than you currently do.
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I use Rev it boots, long time breaking in but ok value for the price.
I never bought a Rev it jacket, reviewers mentioned the waterproofing problems.

Too bad Motorrad wouldnt step up and ask riders opinions on this BB.
Take a bow, you guys, for actively seeking rider/customer feedback.
Your boots are not too bad, takes a while to break them in and the water resistance is not up to what I expected, but still, all in all not a bad product.
Spoke too soon! My two year old Rev'It boots have developed a serious separation of the sole from the boot. I liked the boots, but now have to pay for repairs. Good thing I kept my 26 year old Vetter Street Feet boots made in Korea that I used to use. They have now taken the place of your product until I can get a decent repair made. In the future, I am now going to hesitate before buying another Rev'It product. Sorry, but boots should last longer than 2 years without needing repairs. I've also got a pair of 14 year old motocross boots that are in great shape. I take care of my gear so that is not the issue with your product, I am doing my part.
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Well, not many responses from Rev'it here. I want to add that a seam in my Violet base layer pants opened up and because they were just slightly over a year old, Rev'it refused any warranty on them. The seams really turn out to be a weak point in Rev'it gear and they shouldn't be at that price point.
I thought to myself, 'at last a manufacturer that not only wants replies but who may act on them, otherwise why set up a post as they have'. They have replied five times including the original post, there last post was 17. They either have lost interest in the post or have decided not to reply to the rest.

I am not a Rev'it customer, however, I am looking to replace my stuff except the boots. The apparent lack of replies here, have made me think, that having started the post and seem to ignore comments, they may now lose out due to this lack of communication.

I too, Dave, thought this was a turning point of some sort, a fantasy realized -- and I'm also not (so far) a Rev'it client. But I think for a company to do this might prove be too overwhelming in a few ways. First off, they'll have to deal with a few kooks (and Flooks), and have the sense to know them from truly insight-laden contributors. Secondly, they'll have to actually face up to, and in a public, face-losing way, the shortcomings of their offering. Thirdly, in my experience, the way most companies run -- meaning not very fleet of foot, not interested in listening to non-management opinions, averse to any type of criticism that might compromise their internal political standing, terrified of offering competitors a peak at their own weak points -- et cetera, it's bound to be just too much. Many companies don't necessarily want to improve their product -- more their competitive positioning. That might seem counterproductive to long term survival, but unless they're privately held and controlled by talented, driven people who truly have the best interests of the org in mind, that's the reality. Or maybe that OP got fired for doing this.
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Some how champers, I think they are no longer listening, so why make the thread if they are not going to listen and let know they are.

Me thinks this is a dead end thread, unless Revit know otherwise and become curious once more.

Who knows, Revit knows that is who[:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

Question - are Revit still in business!
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