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Tubeless tire plug systems review

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For those of you that might have a motorcycle with tubeless tires, Project Farm has published this review of four of the tubeless tire plugging systems on the market. The Grand Pit Stop plugger seems to be a clone of the Stop and Go plugging system that I have in my toolbox. Or perhaps the Chinese company has bought out Stop and Go. Unfortunately, this review only addresses plugging car tires, but it is still interesting and potentially useful:
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They seem to be hit and miss for leaking, perfect hole perfect plug will work but in reality things are not perfect?
I've had a lot of tire problems this past two years and on some pretty new tires so I decided to experiment with some patch/plugs in spite of popular advise to the contrary,,. I could not find a tire shop that was willing to do anything with a flat motorcycle tire other then sell you a new one,,.
I carry the rope style tire plugs and they do work and have gotten me home and held air pretty well how ever I don't trust them beyond that,,.

What I started using is tire plug/patch combos as in the attached photo,,. So far I have more then 5000 plus Kms on an Anakee Adventure rear tire that has been used on the roughest of conditions as well as at speed on occasion (150 Kps plus) and it hasn't missed a beat "also" about 2000 plus Kms on a sport bike Dunlop front tire and again perfect so far,,. Ill be replacing both sets this winter, I just got pissed off with buying new tires this past year?
The only thing is,,,,,,,,,,, you do need to remove the tire to install the tire plug/patch unlike the ones shown in the Utube video however I think this plug/patch system is pretty safe?
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