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TPM Battery Replacement

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For those whose TPM sensors have stopped working due to age (flat battery), the following threads/links might be useful if you are prepared to have a go at replacing the batteries yourself:

(Includes useful comments by N4HHE)

In summary, the batteries can be replaced by digging out the pot material that seals them in and then breaking off the connector tabs.

Be sure to use a 3V Lithium in the equivalent size rather than Silver Oxide - otherwise you will be changing them again in a few months rather than years.

Also, use batteries with solder tabs rather than trying to utilise the tabs from the existing batteries (which you need to lever off to remove the original battery). I don't have TPMS but if I was attempting it, I'd run some very fine fly leads from the circuit board to the new battery's tabs (or maybe from the old tabs if they will hold solder).
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