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Suspected kickstand / sidestand issue - but it might not be.

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I have a 2011 F800R which I am very happy with, usually. It is always parked up on the sidestand/kickstand and up until now I have started the bike and run the engine whilst on the stand, and left it to warm up. Recently though - starting the engine became sporadic, sometimes the starter moror would engage and sometimes it would not. When it does not start, I can hear a clicking noise from somewhere near the battery. I have tried standing the bike up and not using the side stand, but it does not change anything, it just clicks without the starter engaging. The battery is less than a year old, the bike is used quite regularly and if not used for a few weeks I keep the battery charged, it never takes very long to charge, so I do not think it is the battery.

Any ideas / help please.
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It sounds like a dying battery to me. I have had two new Chinese-manufactured batteries recently fail to keep a charge for more than a few days before dropping below 12V. Battery quality control has sucked during Covid and I don't think they are very fresh or stored well by the time they reach the American consumer.
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