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Suspected kickstand / sidestand issue - but it might not be.

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I have a 2011 F800R which I am very happy with, usually. It is always parked up on the sidestand/kickstand and up until now I have started the bike and run the engine whilst on the stand, and left it to warm up. Recently though - starting the engine became sporadic, sometimes the starter moror would engage and sometimes it would not. When it does not start, I can hear a clicking noise from somewhere near the battery. I have tried standing the bike up and not using the side stand, but it does not change anything, it just clicks without the starter engaging. The battery is less than a year old, the bike is used quite regularly and if not used for a few weeks I keep the battery charged, it never takes very long to charge, so I do not think it is the battery.

Any ideas / help please.
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12.2 is way too low of a resting voltage after charging assuming you aren't having freezing temperatures right now in France. You almost definitely need a new battery. One more thing to also check is the voltage while the engine is running. It should be about 14.2. If it is much lower than that, then you should also do some follow up test on your stator.
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