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Hi all,

This is a tuto on how to plug a quadlock charger or any charger on a F800ST, S, R.

This method is to avoid a constant live USB cable draining the battery by using the spare CAN BUS plug next to the battery which is their for the optional GPS.


- Adapter cable from CAN BUS to anyhting:

You can get one from BMW shop too

- 12 V to 5V converter

Can be found on Amazon too

- A quadlock charger or any charger

  1. Couple the CAN BUS adapter to the 12V converter
  2. Remove the battery cover and the right top fairing
  3. Untie the spare CAN BUS plug situated on the right side of the battery, remove the cap
  4. Route the cable from handle bars to the CAN BUS using the clutch cable route. Under the frame, back up outside the frame on the right attached to the front subframe bolt next to the liquid cooled tank. Secure with zip ties along the way ensuring the cable does not tense when turning lock to lock
  5. secure the converter and extra cable on the right of the airbox


It is a bit costly but very neat and it is great not to have to worry about draining the battery

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions

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It is also important that those reading the post and wanting to do further research or reading be alerted to the factual errors lest they be led down the rabbit hole of misinformation. Looking for related material that uses the correct term "ZFE" is much more likely to yield accurate and useful results as those using the correct terms are likely to be more knowledgable.
Ok I do not understand what is the purpose of your intervention there? Like who cares? This is about adding a 12V cable on your bike. So you can enjoy a ride with your phone plugged without ruining the loom or draining the battery.
Maybe there is another blog for deep Can Bus nerds such as you that you can participate in?
Also touratech calls it a can bus plug. Why don’t you take it to them? Maybe you can advise then on their marketing….
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