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tightening and such

Someone had asked about 1) filling the filter and 2) reusing a drain plug gasket. It is not necessary to put oil in the filter when installing. The oil pressure is going to come up to normal in less than a second and, having been a professional mechanic for years, I have never heard of any manufacturer recommending that the filter be filled prior to installation.

As far as the drain plug gasket is concerned, it is under zero pressure and consequently will seal readily even if re-used. I have re-used such gaskets over and over again with no leakage at all, ever. Although a torque spec is given for virtually everything on the F800, some of them are meaningless. Tightening the drain plug to "snug" without a torque wrench is going to work just fine as they are never going to come loose on their own. And, the removal torque is always going to be higher than the installation torque.
Der ol plug—is gudin tight, ya!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts