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November meet

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Anybody for it?
I am thinking to attend but all it's all weather permitted. I commute to work and some days are really challenging. Freezing cold in the morning and p***ing rain in he afternoon :(.
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I'm going Adam as long as it's not raining, too old for that now.
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Are you thinking of going with your dodgy hip Mr T ?
Well, I am not disabled! I just live with pain. I will manage. It's not a two day trip, just a short ride, will be fine. And of course I would never miss that 57-courses full Scottish/English breakfast too.:cool:
Big breakfasts cooked in vegetable oil might even help your joints, perhaps you should eat more fry ups. :ROFLMAO:
You only get the best from Chick King 😳
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Remember, this coming Sunday the 20th is time for our next meet and last meet up this year. I have just checked the long range weather, it recons there will be an 80% chance of rain, does not look good for riding the bikes. So I propose, should it be raining go by car, I have to for known reasons. The reason I even suggest this is because this will be our last chance of a meet up this year.

Bearing that in mind, I am aware that some cannot make it at all, these being Nigel, Ian and possibly Pat. I would like to know from those left who are or not going, this is important at this time of year, as we have had as few as three members turn up in the past and a max of ten at one point, this is fair enough but two or less turned up is not good. So please do not ignore this and let me know if it is going to be worth our while to turn up.

Many thanks for your help
Flook, I would like to come but if it's only two of us, it doesn't make sense IMHO. If there's more comin I am in, if the weather permits.
I will observe the weather forecast, we should know better on Sat. Will let you know.
Not really enjoy driving there, please don't feel offended.
Update, the meet up at the Chick King Brandon has now been cancelled.
It has been suggested that because there will only be a few of us that we should meet up at Milligans Finedon. Where PatH, Miv, Paul and myself will meet at the usual time 12:30-12:45. We all will be going by car as PatH is apparently picking up Miv on the way over.
We are hoping some more may turn up, but at this stage it is looking very doubtful. Though photo's will be taken and posted accordingly.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for your attending the meet ups this inaugural year. Out of the UK, I believe we are the only group who have had regular meet ups of the F800 class of bike. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have taken your time out to be there.
Thanks everyone
Thanks for arranging it all in 2022 Flook 👍
All I ask for in return is a good turn out, and seeing all the bikes in a row each time. And of course everyone enjoying themselves.
Agreed, it is good to see a decent line up of F8s at the meetings.
Hopefully, we can get more members for next year, and have a good average at each of the meetings.
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Thanks Flook for doin all this for us!
Well Done..

I am not comin this Sunday, it's a bit far from Norwich, lloks like 115 miles and with the uncertain weather (fair chance for rain) Iam not feeling for it. I would enjoy in Summer time that's for sure.
I would like to thank you all, wishing you great festive time and I hope to see you at some point next year!.
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That's a shame Adam, let us know how you get on with the hip, all the best mate.
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Thanks Miv. My absence means more food left for you's 😵‍💫😵‍💫.
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Your absence means a massive drop in sales for the cafe Adam🤣
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Also a massive miss for us, for Adam is greatly appreciated by us all. Adam makes sure we all have a laugh. Such a nice bloke.
Adam can I have my fiver now 🤣
thanks Gents for all these warm words!
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Well, we have had our very last meet up this year. It was on a cold but sunny November day, where one of our intrepid members rode his White GT to Milligans Kitchen at Finedon Northamptonshire. PatH brought Miv by car and my wife dropped me off before going shopping!!!
We enjoyed a good meal, and I hope each others company. I attach a video (hope it takes, nope it didn't).
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That's a lot of calories on that table!
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