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Instrument panel capacitor swap

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The digital clock on my panel has been off for a while, even after changing the battery and readjusting it several times.

Recently I had the dashboard turn on spontaneously in mid-ride, or on the way back after the bike has been turned off for a few minutes.

In this thread -

They solved a similar sounding problem by switching out the 100uF/16V capcacitor of the panel's board.

I understand that a 100uF/25V capacitor might be more resilient than a 16V, but it's a little larger as well , got both just in case-

Thought I'd disassemble it, take it to an electrician with both capacitor types, and ask him to replace.

However, I can find no instructions in Haynes / online as to how to remove the panel on the ST.

Was hoping for a hint - do you go through removing all the front fairings and headlight, or is there a quicker way with some proper tools?

Thanks :)