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Hi all

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Hi everyone,
I'm not actually an owner yet but I have narrow my choice of next bike down to the F800R (2016>) I know it is often described as a beginners bike but it seems to be everything I want from a bike now. I started riding in 1983 and have had all kinds of bikes since. I am riding a 2003 600 Fazer at the moment, bought as a stop gap after I sold my R1150R which despite my best efforts I never really got on with. Most of my riding is two up so one of the most important considerations is pillion comfort (happy wife, happy life)
Thanks for reading.
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Vinny, I've been the happy rider of an F800ST for several years. You probably have decided by now, but the one thing I'd change if I could is the riding position. While I understand the newer ones (GT?) are a little better, the bars on the ST are too far forward an low plus and the footpegs are too high and far back for me. This may not bother you but you should sit on the F800R first, especially coming from an R150R.
On the 'beginners bike' my F650CS was always referred to as one, but it was the most fun to ride best handling bike I ever owned.
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