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I've perused the site for several months and enjoy the experiences, insight, and sage advice of all.

Picked up a blue '16 GT 14 months ago and have put 12K on her. Upgrades include Knight Design lowered pegs, V-Stream shield, Kaoko throttle lock.

Based in Allen, Texas, I've been on two wheels since '68 and a middle weight touring rider since the early '80's on a Honda V45 Sabre. My "F" is my first beemer, so after a year of getting to know this ride she let me know that her name is "Chug". I know ya'll git it!

I've been primarily a solo rider, but also run with a bunch of fast moving codgers on K16's, GS's, RT's, RR's, in the Lone Star BMW Riders club (our HD riders eventually catch up).

I look forward to interacting with the Forum and to crossing paths on the road.
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