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Go faster with LeoVince SBK Exhaust!

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LeoVince SBK motorcycle exhaust systems provide substantial weight savings, increased horsepower, and are engineered to run efficiently with stock jetting or fuel injection settings when ever possible. Every SBK system is engineered to provide specific power increases where needed throughout the entire power range. All LeoVince SBK systems are the result of our experience acquired on world-class competition circuits in race series like WorldSBK and MotoGP.

LeoVince SBK Exhaust features:

  • The header pipes are made of titanium, welded in a controlled atmosphere.
  • The full titanium silencers are the result of a development that redefines the Factory line through an accurate design study that combines style, finish and performance.
  • The format of both the header pipes and silencer is tailored according to the specific engine model in order to boost the torque and maximum power rating.
  • The silencer external casing can be in titanium or carbon fiber.

Shop for your Leo Vince SBK Exhaust here!
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