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Galactics in the US?

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Hi Rev'it folks,
Any info on when you'll have more Galactic jackets in White/Black here in the US (size 50 please)? No one has them in my local shops and I've posted email alerts for the major US online carriers of Rev'it gear. Is it just too popular?


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Dave, I have a size 50 Ignition 2. It fits snug, but I've decided it's OK. I'm 5' 10", 180lb and 40" chest. If you're any larger, you might need a size 52.
Thanks for the head-up Dev. I actually wanted an Ignition 2 last year, but those were also out of stock for skinny folk. You're a bit bigger than me, I'm 6', 165 lb, so I *think* I can go with a 50, we'll see. At this point there are no size 50 or 52 to be had, so I can't even try. [cry]
Hi Dave,
The Galactic has indeed been very succesfull. It is due to be back in stores around the first week of October.
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