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Front forks overall

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I am in the process of replacing the seals in the front forks on my 2007 F800ST. Not an easy job to tackle in a home garage and at 72 years old. Nearly wrecked my wrist trying to extract the seals as per the Haynes manual, I still haven't been able to remove them, so waiting for a mate to give me a hand. BMW don't make life easy for the home mechanic, but I will persevere till the job is done. One more thing, the last time this bike was serviced at the main BMW Dealership in Perth WA, they set the forks incorrectly according to the Haynes.
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Good day to you down under.

Yes those circlips are a pita… there has been a recent post addressing this issue, lots of suggested tips.

I replaced those ciclips with internal snap rings on two different F-bikes (F800ST and F700GS). Awesome mod (was not my idea, I found it on a forum thread). When I posted about having done this, some were concerned with the snap ring staying in place. Around 50k miles combined and no issues with them, and so easy to remove with snap ring pliers. The GS did 25k miles to Ushuaia and back with those snap rings installed, fully loaded and over many hundreds of miles of wash-board dirt roads.

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Yeah, it's not fun no matter your age. I too have swapped the original snap rings for standard ones that I picked up at a local hardware store based on what I've seen in this forum. That was about 10k miles ago and they've held up perfectly.
ccramerusc. Could you give me the diameter and thickness of the snap rings you used. I'd like to do this small mod, but don't want to risk the top cap popping out because I got the size wrong. Thanks
I don't remember, but used the details in this thread:
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