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Freshen up your bike with new brakes & sprockets from KneeDraggers!

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Is that sprocket of yours missing a few teeth? Maybe you want to change the ratio a little bit?
Check out our selection of Vortex Chain & Sprocket kits!

The finest aluminum sprockets made. Vortex manufactures sprockets in a different way than its competitors. Vortex eliminates the process known as 'gear-hobbing' which some companies employ to save manufacturing costs and time. Gear-hobbing involves the removal of the material before completion. Vortex has found that the tightest tolerances can be obtained by keeping the material stationary during the entire course of the process, resulting in perfectly round (thus longer-lasting) sprockets. Vortex uses 7075 'aerospace' aluminum, the strongest and lightest material for the application.

An excellent Vortex/RK kit review with dyno results!

Shop for your Vortex chain and sprocket kit here!

Need new pads and rotors?
Look no further than Galfer and EBC!

Galfer's Standard Wave® rotors are engineered to provide the best performance in the market. Every aspect of our design, from the materials and manufacturing processes to the extensive testing, have been carefully chosen to produce the best quality stainless steel rotor available.
  • Keeps brake system cooler by allowing air to pass over every point of a brake pad surface.
  • Full floating Wave® blades ensure optimum pad-to-rotor contact for maximum stopping force and feel.
  • Seamlessly replaces stock rotor.
  • Provides outstanding performance even in the most aggressive conditions.

EBC HH Sintered pads are Europe's first and only ECE R90 approved pad. They are the grippiest street legal brake pads you can buy.

These pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power, made from sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking under all riding conditions, wet, dry, hot or cold. When required, unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to reduce heat transfer into bikes hydraulics. The unique double segment vented design keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

Shop for your Galfer Wave Brake Rotors and EBC Motorcycle Brake Pads here!
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EBC are good brake pads. I would recommend anyone try a set of the normal compound and feel the difference.
I think some people are going to save some big bucks with aftermarket discs and sprockets.
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