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F800ST conversion to F800T

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So at the age of 56, I have decided to make my ST more T than S.

I have looked through the various forums and decided upon 3 mods to make it less of a strain on the back/wrists, whilst at the same time (hopefully) improving on its aesthetics.

At present my ST is a 2012 stock version, other than the introduction of a Booster Plug which has helped enormously at low speeds, and a Kappa rear rack conversion which means the much more practical Givi/Kappa top boxes now fit. The bike is still poor at low speeds in my opinion, and I know I'm not alone in this view, but it still ticks most of the boxes for me. Great fuel economy, gear shift indicator, good luggage system, less than 200kg, heated grips, underseat petrol tank and best of all belt drive.

The modifications I plan to make are as follows:

1) Replace the handlebars with LSL Superbike bars, cut to match the width of the stock bars to help keep the mirrors clear. I intend to use the directions supplied by Helibars to re-route the cables and pipes without having to replace them. If the rerouting is not aesthetically pleasing I will find other solutions.

2) To modify the 'pee pot' bouncing brake reservoir off its bracket and down on top of the master cylinder (aesthetics only) using BMW OEM parts. Nice and neat.

3) I am 6ft and so will replace the stock screen with a taller, less acute angled aftermarket screen.

I am expecting 1 and 3 above to put the rider in a much more relaxed position on the bike with less buffeting. We shall see.

If anyone is particularly interested in any of the above I will take pics as I go and share.

Wish me luck.
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Just as a finishing touch I was lucky enough to find a seller on eBay who made me these brilliant 40mm mirror extenders - complete with 70mm Torx fasteners. The listing is for the GT but he has a pattern for the ST as well. Very pleased with mine!
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Thanks for your write up @pezos they look great on your bike!
Thanks for sending me the pictures too, I’ll create listings for these this weekend for anyone else that’s interested.
I’ll be offering both a 40mm (as pictured on your bike) and a 25mm Variant, I’ll create a new post and put the links in, shipping will available worldwide as with my GT extensions I’ve been selling for the last couple of years.
Personally I have 25mm variant fitted to my GT as I find that’s a good compromise between aesthetics and functionality but the 40mm once definitely really open up the view of the road behind you!

Glad your pleased with them!
Tris 😊
Hey everyone,

For anyone else who's interested in these for their bikes see bellow listings on eBay, global shipping available.
These also fit the "F800S"
40mm Variant (As pictured in this thread)
25mm Variant

Thankyou! 😁
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