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F650GS Tire FAQ

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Standard tires: Bridgestone Battlewings

Front - 110/80 R19
Rear - 140/80 R17

Tire Alternatives for Dual Sport - Mostly Road Use:
Metzeler Tourances - they come in exact replacement sizes.

Michelin Anakee

This tire only appears to come in a 150/70 X 17 but it may still work.

These are the only tire types I've used and feel qualified to suggest. The F650GS single we bought years ago had Michelins on it, and I always ran Metzeler Tourances on my R1150GS and they worked well.

The Bridgestones do not appear to last as well as Metzelers in my opinion - especially the front which is very worn on our F658GS after only 15,000 kilometers. The Metzeler front on my R1150GS always went at least double that.

We are planning to use Metzelers when we replace our Bridgestones next week.
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Just found out that it's only the Anakee 2 rear tire which is not available in the right size for the F658GS - the Anakee is still available and is the right size. The right size of Anakee 2 will probably be out soon.
I read the description of the Anakee 2 and decided that the Anakee was a better match for the F650GS. I got the impression that the "2" was designed more for the big GS-type bikes and not for lighter motorcycles. I ended up ordering the original Anakee and have them in my closet for when my Birdstones wear out.
Here are the current tires I'm looking at (others here have put them on their F650GS as well):


Partially reviewed here:

Looks like a good bias towards off-road without killing on-road. Standard tire on the 1200GS Adventure as well!
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Looking at switching to the Heidenau K60s which would give us F650GS owners a very good alternative.
I'm delighted with Michelin Anakee 3 tyres , rock solid in all conditions . May not suit those of you who want off road capability too though.
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