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I use the same grease for everything. High temp lubrimatic 11380. It's safe on plastics, brakes, bearings, axels, basically anything that needs grease. I coat my motorcycle axles with it and the pins/sliders of the brake pads.

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Here's some old notes collected from and by an old-timer.
Use your own judgement, but I think this is all sound:

Clean axles before re-lubing to make sure incompatible greases are not mixed.

Use upper end E.P. lithium grease is often called "moly" grease as it is a petroleum base grease with a lithium-12-hydroxystearate thickener and molybdenum disulfide added as a high pressure additive that keeps the seal lip from pushing it out of the way and running dry.

Whatever grease you use:
it should also have corrosion inhibitors added as well as water resistant additives.

Place a dab of grease on the seals to keep them lubed!

silicone is a poor choice as it will cause the seals to swell

anti seize is also a poor choice!! It is NOT designed to lubricate anything that moves regularly. I also contains either copper or aluminum oxide particles that will eat at the seals wearing them like sand paper thus loosing water proofness etc
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