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Centre Stand Paint

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My 2019 GT is my third F800. Generally very happy with performance, handling and build quality BUT, on each bike the paint has rapidly been blasted off the centre stand cross brace which catches all road crud despite having fender extender fitted. Only a cosmetic issue but annoying.
I have tried repainting with Hammerite and also stone chip paint but neither last long. Anybody found a paint that survives in that location and available in UK?
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I don't know the availability of such a service in your area but you might try pulling the centre stand off and have the brace coated with truck bed liner. It is very abrasive resistant.
I have beat the heck out of my truck bed and the liner has held up well for 13 years.
Here in the US; we can buy truck bed liner in a rattle (spray) can. I'd clean it well and use rust converter first.
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