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Centre Stand Paint

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My 2019 GT is my third F800. Generally very happy with performance, handling and build quality BUT, on each bike the paint has rapidly been blasted off the centre stand cross brace which catches all road crud despite having fender extender fitted. Only a cosmetic issue but annoying.
I have tried repainting with Hammerite and also stone chip paint but neither last long. Anybody found a paint that survives in that location and available in UK?
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Chris. I don't worry about it because I can't see it and I don't feel it weakens or harms the stand in any way. However that's just me and I accept that for others it's annoying. No matter what you coated it with, being in such a harsh environment, I feel it would always end up looking ratty. After you've repainted it, could you split a piece of soft pvc tubing length ways and slide it over the cross bar. You may not like the look of that either, but at least you wouldn't have to repaint it so often. Just a thought.
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