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Bought at auction

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I bought a 2007 F800ST on Ebay auction. It was local but I didn’t inspect it. Photos showed a good looking bike with no damage. I have bought from the seller before so I trusted the photos. Their description, however is unhelpful as the people at that lot don’t know motorcycles and are usually not even able to start them.
So I got it at what I considered a good price. I went to pay and get it. I put in a new battery and brought some gas hoping it would start. Electrics came to life and cranked but no start ☹. Had it hauled home for further work. No gas smell when cranked, no sound from fuel pump. So, ordered used working fuel pump from Ebay. And oil, oil and air filters.
Fuel pump installed (easy). Great fuel pressure but still no start. Deeper digging.
Took off fairings, air chamber to get at throttle bodies and plugs. Lots of T25 bolts! Throats of throttle bodies kind of dark so cleaned up without removing. I was able to remove injectors (surprisingly easy, nothing but the fuel rail is holding them in. Cleaned with spray carb cleaner. Activated solenoid with 12v battery and blew it clean by mouth 🤢. Don’t try this at home. However, what came out was kind of brown so I think it did some good.
Took out plugs - they were really loose 🤔. They looked good, gap checked and reinstalled.
Ok, time to put it back together, at least enough to see if I had made any progress. Mostly involved reinstalling the air box and all its hoses and electricals.
Reassembled enough to test. Key on, instruments working, start button. A short crank and one cylinder then the other sprang to life! 😁😁. It sounds eager and louder than I anticipated with the stock muffler. Repeated starts instantly. Even the non-working headlight is now working.
Now to reinstall fairing, change the oil (even though oil looks very clean), install new tires (existing tires 13 years old) and go to DMV for title transfer and plates.
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The headlight only works when the engine is running so it was not "non-working"
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