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2011 F800R - Good Battery - No Power at All

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Hello Forum,

I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.

I’m having a no start issue. In fact when turning the key I have no power to the bike at all. No lights, No dash lights, No self-check. The dash makes a strange noise (a series of clicks or a rattle, and the two needles give a little 1-2mm blip). I believe this continued once or twice after I pulled the key out.

It’s my understanding that there are no fuses or fuse box on the bike.

The battery voltage measures a little over 12.2 volts between the terminals.

Help! any ideas? I scoured the forum and didn’t see any similar issues.
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12.2 is only about 60% charged at room temperature. That's danger low low for a resting voltage. The computer in these bikes won't even let the starter try to start it if it is too low. Keep your voltage meter on it and turn the key on. If there is no change, then there is something else wrong. But either way, that battery either needs a serious charge, or is bad.

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway... Check to make sure the positive and especially the negative leads are securely attached to the battery.
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Thank you both very much. I see that both of you are suggesting having another look at the battery and I will definitely follow your advice.

I can confirm that both leads are clean and are securely attached to the battery.

I also failed to mention. That I removed the battery and had it load tested at a local Advanced Auto. They told me the battery was good but just needed to be fully charged, which I did before re-installing.

As mentioned I’ll complete the test you mentioned and then will likely try a new battery. Thanks!
<Follow Up and Solution>

Thank you both! I picked up a new battery at the dealership, fully charged it, installed it and I’m back on the road. It fired right up.

Just as you suggested a new battery solved the problem. Thank you.
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