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125,446 miles and off to a new home

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Last week, I traded my old F800GT in for a 2016 model. If anyone wants to keep the clock ticking, you are welcome to bid (I am not the seller, I assume it is someone linked to my Northampton UK dealer):
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Amazing! I think it is a testimony to the F800GT that you bought another.

What colour is the new GT?

Wow. That's a lot of riding and a great testament to the durability of the GT. Congrats on the 2016.
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Alistair, I think you should commemorate your fantastic achievement by putting your mileage and the time it took you to do it in your signature block. That way, future new members will see for themselves just how good the "bag of nails" engine in the F800 really is.

Amazing number of miles in such a short period of time! I'm sure many board members are curious about how the bike handled the high mileage. It would be useful for us to know things such as number of belt replacements, how often were the valve clearances checked and did they require adjustment. Any major issues?


Alister has posted up that information already, or well when he hit the 100,000 k point. Ever check those valves? :lol
Thank you RichKerr for posting the link ... otherwise I'd miss out so much !
@alistair, a fabulous achievement, and you put 99% of BMW F800GT riders to shame, with our paltry use of this fine machine. Bon courage, mon brave! [bow]
A record miles recorded in a year for an f800, or at least the GT? Alistair, you got your money out of that bike.
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