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  1. F800 Specific Classifieds
    SOLD FS New Wunderlich Ergo Seat for F800GT, ST, R and S Models SOLDThis is a new in the box Wunderlich Ergo seat for F800 GT, ST, R, and S models. These have been discontinued from Wunderlich. $550 obo, plus shipping from Seattle, WA 98108...
  2. F800 Specific Classifieds
    SOLD (wasn't sure how to delete the thread!) Gently used Wünderlich tank bag, previously used on a 2009 F800 GS. Originally purchased in 2010 and only used on a few long trips, should work on other year F800's as well up to 2018. Anything with a tank in back under the seat. ;) It's in great...
  3. F800 Specific Classifieds
    This is a like new Corbin seat for a BMW F800ST, S, Gt, and R models, it was used for 450 miles. Perfect condition. Price new was $561.00 sell for $385.00 + shipping from Seattle, 98108 SOLD
  4. F800 Specific Classifieds
    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! This seat came with the bike, but I'm too short to use it and installed the BMW extra low seat. So now there's a nice Wunderlich seat for sale. According to the Wunderlich website ( this seat sells for $634, and fits the...
  5. F800 Specific Classifieds
    *** SOLD *** Suburban Machinery Footpeg Lowering Kit SW-Motech ION ADV-style Footpegs Complete left and right Suburban machinery footpeg lowering kit for F800GT with SW-Motech ION ADV-style footpegs. Rubber pads are removable / replaceable. I'm selling the bike so I've removed most of the...
  6. F800 Specific Classifieds
    These were on my F800GT, not sure what other F800 models the base component will fit. A call to Wunderlich will get yu an answer. They're in very good condition, look new!! $150 for the tank bag + shipping $75 for the base + shipping $200 for the pair includes shipping CONUS only. Paul
  7. F800 Specific Classifieds
    [ SOLD ] I purchased a set of these with the intent of improving ergonomics and adjustablilty but stuck with the stock setup after all. These have never been installed or used and are perfectly new. These are ~$190 new from Wunderlich. I'll let them go for US$140 including shipping anywhere...
  8. F800R Modification Nation
    I'm going to continue to update a series of photo-documented updates to this bike because mostly, I'm grumpy about how few pictures seem to exist for the newer F800R mods. Bike: 2016 BMW F800R ~800 miles at time of install. Product: Wunderlich Engine Bars, black. Wunderlich part number...
  9. F800R Modification Nation
    Anyone using a HELD fun tour velcro tank bag on their 800R? I picked up a new, never used Wunderlich bag.....but not sure I like it. I think I like the look (profile) of the HELD bag better. Would like to hear from anyone who has would be great too. Anyone?
  10. Parts & Accessories Classifieds
    I Have a Wunderlich (Non magnetic) Tank bag (model 1250147) .... NEW, Never used...with all mounting hardware, straps, etc (for F800S + others) Looking to TRADE for a good, new or used HELD (4123) Fun Tour (velcro) tank bag. Prefer Canada, but all considered... Each pay our own shipping. ...
  11. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Hi Folks, I have for sale a set of original BMW engine protection bars and a Clear Wunderlich Ergo Screen for the F800R. Both items are undamaged. I would like £70 for the engine bars and £80 for the screen. Both prices include UK courier delivery. Thanks for looking! Steve
  12. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    Okay, so I have been meaning to write a quick review for a set of Wunderlich Vario Levers that my husband gave me for my birthday last riding season that changed my life with my F800ST. I had stepped up to my bike from a Suzuki SFV650 and it just seemed like I was lugging it in low gear/parking...
  13. F800R Modification Nation
    I've seen some similar threads, and I got a lot of great ideas from them, so I thought I would do a similar thread describing all of the modifications on my F800R. I've written this in the order of installation, and they should correspond with my F800R picture gallery. Throttlemeister - Bar end...
  14. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Brand New, in box. LINK Bought these and never used them. All components included, brand new, never installed. Went a different route with the bike. Price is $319 on Wunderlich. Will take $250 shipped.
  15. F800GS & F650GS Twin Modification Nation
    Feel free to email me if you have questions about the setup. Cheers, Daniel
  16. F800 Specific Classifieds
    From my earlier F800ST before moving to a GS, here are 2 screens: First up is the Wunderlich ERGO Endurance Comfort. Wunderlich's own description follows: This is in near new...
  17. Mercatino
    Ragazzi ormai le modifiche e gli accessori principali x la mia F li ho acquistati, mi rimane giusto giusto da trovare il parafango posteriore perchè non si puo passare delle ore a pulire tutta quella fanga che tira su con l asfalto bagnato!!! Prezzo giusto valuto tutti i modelli wunderlich...
  18. F800R Modification Nation
    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up my F800R. Previously I had an F650GS, but a recent off road adventure resulted in a bent frame and the insurance company totaled the bike. When I bought the bike, I also ordered a bunch of new goodies, here's what I've done: I hate those skinny grips and I did...
  19. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    Installed a Wunderlich throttle lock today. Bought it used and saved about 1/2 the cost. Seems to work well so far. Better than the o-ring I was trying use.
  20. F800GS & F650GS Twin Modification Nation
    anyone install a short beak on your F650GS like the one at Wunderlich . If so, post a photo.
1-20 of 25 Results