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  1. F800 Specific Classifieds
    This is a like new TechnoFlex (Wilbers #641) rear shock for F800ST and F800S models, it has less then 500 miles on it. The unit has, rebound, Hi-Low compression, and Pre load adjustment. This is a very expensive shock when purchased new. Replace your worn out shock with this beauty! Possible...
  2. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    Hello I want to remove my low suspension and add a regular height suspension on my 2010 F650GS Twin. I will probably buy the Ohlins BM304. Is there a video or write-up on how exactly I can do this? Thanks!
  3. F800GS & F650GS Twin Modification Nation
    Hello all,, great forum and this is my first ever post! I am a 2011 model f8Gs owner with 20.000km on the clock I live in Dubai and we ride mostly in wadi's, dry riv beds, sand, rocks etc (light to moderate off road) I was not happy with the suspension at all and I tried hyperpro springs so I...
  4. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    So I have started a labor of love project to mod my F800st street bike into something higher in performance. I have an S1000rr and HP4 which I ride on the track (committed enthusiast, not racing) I love the F800st (2011) and it has many strengths and a few weaknesses. I am sharing the mods and...
  5. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    With the hope of eliminating some of the nose-dive when braking and getting a little bit firmer ride, I decided to install a set of Ohlins Fork Springs (Ohlins P/N: 08751-90) this weekend. Install was extremely simple: Unbolt handlebars and move them out of the way Pop off rubber cap on top of...
  6. F800 Specific Classifieds
    New in box Ohlins front fork spring set for F800S/ST Sold bike and these must go this week before moving. $85 shipped
  7. F800 Specific Classifieds
    ***Withdrawn*** 2009 BMW F800GS w/ OHLINS FORKS & SHOCK and more Withdrawn from sale. Thanks everyone. [:D]
  8. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    Hey all! I purchased a new (2009) F800 GS in April of this year and it's been great! I love it. A few weeks ago, I went on my first adventure ride in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. The roads, were a mixture of pavement, gravel and rock...more like the size of rocks they use on the railroads...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Just read this months MCN and seen the article on Ohlins 2 wheel drive system. Looks amazing! Basically a small oil pump is driven by the final drive of the engine (at the drive sprocket) and that oil is pumped by small hoses to an hydraulic motor mounted at the bottom of the front fork. In a...
  10. F800GS & F650GS Twin Modification Nation
    I've always been a fan of the combination of properly-adjusted Ohlins and the BMW bikes, so after acquiring the 800GS, I took advantage of a generous group buy offer by Kyle Racing and got a rear shock for the new bike. First impressions: 1) Install is *easy*. Remove plastic trim/seat...
1-11 of 12 Results