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  1. Other Classifieds
    Bike is in perfect running condition. It has 170 hours and the upgraded factory fuel map. Everything is OEM except for a stiffer spring in the rear. Make me an offer
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just bought a 2013 F800GS! A thing of beauty. Looking forward to picking your group-brains as I learn about the bike. Thanks for having me. Here's my first question: Looking to replace the current aftermarket exhaust (baffler was removed and it's waaaay too loud for my taste) with an OEM...
  3. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Bought a used 2014 F800GSA and the previous owner put a slip on LeoVince on it, so I'm selling the OEM muffler. No dents, great condition, has a little wear on the wheel side, but nothing major. Not sure how many miles were on it but fewer than when I bought the bike at 3000mi. Should fit any...
  4. G450X Specific Classifieds
    Hi, I have a lot of G450X parts left in my garage. Let me know if you are looking for some specific part and I'll check if I have it and send you a picture, including the asking price. The parts are in Finland but I'll check the postage price when I know where the part is to be sent...
  5. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Replaced the BMW exhaust on my bike. Has only 4000 miles and no falls/scratches. Posted locally (Boston) on Craigslist but would be glad to sell to a member and add the desired shipping method cost...
  6. F800 Specific Classifieds
    FS OEM BMW Original F800GS Bike Cover with Zip Out extensions for side bags, top box and windshield extension - Make reasonable offer
  7. F800 Specific Classifieds
    All:- Up for sale a brand new BMW OEM F800GS standard height seat. (The day I picked up my bike I replaced with the lowered OEM seat) I also replaced the stock black luggage bars with the ADV Aluminum luggage - so up for sale are the original OEM rear luggage bars that I believe are for the...
  8. F800R Modification Nation
    Hey everyone, I just picked up a BMW F800R 2012 Alpine White about a month ago and love the bike. It makes morning and evening commutes a breeze and I am saving the amount of the payment in gas compared to my Jeep. One thing though I like the way the 2011 and prior F800R(s) have a black front...
  9. F800 Specific Classifieds
    *****SOLD***** Selling my like new OEM vario cases removed from my F650. They are in excellent condition. Left & Right cases with all mounting hardware. Please PM me with any questions or additional pics.
  10. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Bought a used 2011 F800ST with some parts that I do not need: Complete Panniers, Mounts & Keys $750 -sold on June 4th Complete BMW Navi and Mount $500 - price dropped Sargent WS594 Seat $230 - sold BMW OEM Exhaust Muffler $150 BMW OEM Handlebars $50 BMW OEM Seat (regular cut) $150 -dropped...
  11. F800GT Modification Nation
    Fellow riders! Finally got my GT last night, but since there's still snow on the roads, I'm spending some extra time fitting stuff on it. Got the OEM side cases directly from Germany (super bargain, see other thread), and managed to key the locks to match my ignition key (took about 30 minutes...
  12. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Hello, I live in Phuket, Thailand and need a stock exhaust for a 2007 F800s. I would consider importing it from anywhere in the Asian region or also from N. America (I can have someone ship it to me from Canada). Thank you, Steve
  13. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Brand new BMW OEM engine protection bars for F800- £140 or nearest offer
  14. F800 Specific Classifieds
    I am selling OEM parts from my BMW F800S '08. They are the following: 1) Stock exhaust - $200 2) Stock windscreen - $50 3) Stock front and rear turning indicators ("clear" finish) - $50 4) Stock license plate bracket - $50 They are all in mint condition as I quickly replaced them with...
  15. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Looking to either 1) trade my like-new OEM standard seat for an OEM low seat OR 2) buy a used OEM low seat if someone is willing to part with it at a good price
  16. Parts & Accessories Classifieds
    I recently purchased an F800GS, then separately ordered the OEM low seat. I am selling the OEM standard seat that came with the bike. It has never been used and is in the box that the low seat came in. I paid $337.95 for the low seat, and am asking $300 for the unneeded standard seat. I am...
1-16 of 16 Results