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  1. Motorcycle News, Views, and Reviews
    Hello everyone. I am an incredibly positive person and I typically never post things like this one. However, I want to share my shopping experience and warn everyone about Domio Sports and to avoid buying communications equipment from this company. I place an order back in June for the Domio...
  2. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Where do you hang / put your helmet when you stop? I put mine on the right mirror for a while- but found it was un-aiming(?) the mirror. So now, I hang it on the throttle grip - but I'm not real confident about it. I've got a tank bag, and a GPS/phone mount on the handlebars, so there's no room...
  3. Apparel Classifieds
    Have a Skully Helmet in Large, received it about 2-3 weeks ago, Fits well but too tight, and I've tried the XL which was too loose for me, I wore it once to try it out, in 60 degree New England weather, for about an hour. It works well, I have installed the pinlock lens that it comes with...
  4. Apparel
    After 10 years in the loft before my return to Motorcycling last week I will probably replace my ROOF helmet. I notice quite a few have integral sunvisors, these didn't exist 10 years ago are they a gimmick or do they actually help ?
  5. Apparel Classifieds
    Like new Hi-Viz Yellow Schubert C3 Pro Modular Helmet Sold
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Any thoughts on helmet lifespan? I never thought about but my wife read 5-7 years and brought to my attention . Looked at the label in my Scorpion and manufactured October 2006.
  7. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    coolest bad-boy helmet yet... complete with Predator's triple laser!
  8. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    To all my local (SoCal) friends (Nota, SPX, Glenn2NS, EJ_92606, decoats, etc.) This Saturday April 28th from 6-7pm at Irv Seaver BMW, Schuberth will be having their S2 Helmet Release Party and you're invited. This event is free to attend and there will be lots of food, drinks, door prizes...
  9. Helmets
    Fly Racing Trekker Helmet it feels like a $130 helmet (which it is) and the "finishing" reflects that as well. Sharp edges; hot glue on the visor; thin pads; a few parts not securely snapped; vents don't operate smoothly. Features I like are: having a visor, face shield, and the ability to...
  10. Helmets
    Looking for a new modular helmet?
  11. Helmets
    Hi All (re-posting in a more appropriate place), Well, after only 4 FANTASTIC months under my belt, I went down on Route 17A heading into Greenwood Lake, NY. No one to blame but myself. Entered a left hand turn too wide, got caught up in the sand and guardrail, thrown from the bike and hit the...
  12. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    I really, really wanted the N103 integrated comms module for my Nolan helmet. Neat & non intrusive however, I wasn't prepared to pay Au$400+! For my fiftieth, bro bought me a pair of cheap, V2, Chinese, Scala Rider knockoffs like these...
  13. Helmets
    Hallo! Happy to join this great community! [:)][:)] honestly what would you choose? -shark rsr2 carbon (price ~380€) -uvex onyx carbon (price~400€) -shoei qwest/xr1100 (price ~ 340/400€) -bell m4r carbon (price ~400€) motorcycle: bmw f800gs use: 50% travel (routes about 200km long) - 50% city
  14. Apparel Classifieds
    FS: NEW BMW Motorrad Sport Helmet. SOLD (ages ago!) Size: 54/55 [Please make 100% sure of size before purchasing?!] Dark Grey Matt Metallic, (otherwise know as 'Graphite' or Graphitan Grey), (Never used - wife not interested in riding!), Anti-fog Gel Insert in Visor, Original Helmet Cover, Chin...
  15. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    First of all I would appreciate any feedback you can give me as to which Bluetooth helmet you would purchase or have purchased. I want to be able to pair to my Treo 700w phone, my Zumo 550 to listen to directions and/or phone and possibly my Insignia Rhapsody player for music. I envision...
  16. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    A group of 5 of us are heading out in June on a 2 week tour, traveling around the black sea and wanted to set up an excellent communication system between us. Any recommendations on what helmet is the better adaptable for; 2-way radio Bluetooth ipod Has anyone set up something like this...
  17. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    I cant seem to find any reviews of this helmet... Anyone know about it? Looking for a sterio/bluetooth solution for my phone and iPod.
1-17 of 19 Results