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    Yeah. That's it. I've made fuel pump controller from zero with original equivalent parts of course. I live in Istanbul/Turkiye and I can send it (only board) for €50 + postage if anyone interested in. :)
    €50 EUR
  2. New Member Introductions
    Put 120 miles on 'er last weekend, and the gas gage didn't move. Any suggestions? Common problem? Repair/replace/work-around? Thanks!
  3. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hiya all! Sorry for potentially simple question, but this is really getting to me; my MPG sucks. 2nd hand 2009 ST, ~32k miles, regularly BMW serviced. Running fine, no real 'problems'. But MPG is way down on what I see others getting. The majority of my riding is in the city, commuting, and...
  4. F800R Discussion
    Hello, Help! My fuel gauge is stuck at full. I've removed the sender from the tank and it moves freely. Real time sensor values on my GS-911 show 0.02V for a full tank and 0.32V for an empty tank. At both ends of the travel the display still shows a full tank. If anyone has a GS-911 please can...
  5. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2007 F800ST. When I was last serviced I placed a new exhaust on it, a delkevic, I had read that sometimes it would take a little time to adjust but a few months down the line I am still getting quite a lot of back firing, coupled with the fact the bike cuts out when starting from...
  6. F800R Modification Nation
    So, after I have all my cases on my bike, I need some suggestions on where to mount an MSR Fuel bottle. Just one, I don't want to keep it a case. Also wondering on how to mount it. I've seen some Mounts but they require that you have a flat case, and want to drill your case. Also I've seen some...
  7. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    I ride a 2014 GS800. The fuel reserve light came on the other day. My question: Within the LED display and the fuel pump icon, there was a number. What does that number mean? It started out as a number "1." A couple of minutes later it was a 2 and then around 10 minutes later it changed to a 3...
  8. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hi All, Sorry if these have been asked already, but I have had a look and don't think they here goes! I passed my Direct Access on 21st October 2013 and after having a test-ride on the motorcycle training school owners F800st realised that this would be a great first big bike...
  9. F800GT Discussion
    I don't see any conclusive mention of fuel economy since folks have taken delivery, so I guess I might as well start the inevitable thread... On an ~800 mile UK test bike, it displayed "MPG" figures on the clock, not L/100K (contrary to the UK download manual). As has been mentioned before, the...
  10. F800R Discussion
    Ok ive had the bike for about 3 months now. I've noticed the fuel gauge stays at full and then quickly goes back down to empty once I ride for a while. Also the miles till empty counter either stays at 44 miles until empty or when i reset it it goes nuts and counts all the way to zero and then...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    CRC introduces a product to prevent phase separation in ethanol. Good for E10 to E85. I have had excellent results with any product I have used from CRC and expect this to be no different.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    What do you think? Bogus or has this guy been silenced by you know who?
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Curiousity got the better of me so I inquired to Shell as to the ethanol content in their gasoline. Following is the response I rec'd: We appreciate you writing to Shell. Shell stations that have been converted to ethanol will have the pumps clearly marked as follows: - Shell Bronze...
  14. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    I’ve read a few threads on the best fuel for the F800 and I know that BMW recommends at least 95RON, although you can use a lower octane rating fuel for short periods if you don’t push it too hard. But what about higher octane fuel like 98RON? Some people have said that it is just a waste of...
  15. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    As I'm planning my trip through Mongolia I read that a lot of the fuel in the countryside is only 80 octane. What do you think use 80 RON fuel will do to my 800GS?
  16. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hey All, I've got about 1100 miles on my F800ST. I'm loving it but I expected better fuel economy. I seem to be doing 50-52 mpg (with lots of hard acceleration and not much highway). Does this seem about right? I've read about people averaging 65-70 mpg and that's wayyy better than I'm seeing...
1-16 of 16 Results