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  1. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    2011 F800gs, So I have the windshield that can adjust up and down. Got back from my latest ride and the nut (which looks like a 1 inch plastic dowel, about 1 3/4 inch long, sliced in half) was missing. The bolt was still holding on but not the nut. Anyone know where I can get this?
  2. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    i recently acquired a f800gs from 2019. While doing some maintenance, I noticed that one of the rear fairing bolts turns freely inside the frame resting. It seems like the old owner screwed in the bolt too thight, causing the washer to losen up. Any good advise on how to unscrew the bolt?
  3. Parts & Accessories Classifieds
    For sale, full red colour matched fairing and bellyopan, used, cosmetic wear and tear but nothing visible. New these parts, coloured, cost around £800.00. I am looking for £350.00. If you are abroad, we would need to work out how to get to you and you would need to pay for transport. Email if...
  4. F800 Specific Classifieds
    I have a champagne/silver left lower fairing/body panel for sale. I will ship to the UK/Europe.
  5. F800 Specific Classifieds
    I am looking used champagne colored lower right fairing for my vandalized f800st. Anyone got anything? Give me an email [email protected]
  6. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    I've got a 2015 F800GS Adventure and, because I wasn't psyched about the color options, I disassembled the fairing and painted it. It looks beautiful in the new, flat black, but I've got a little problem. I have 4 left-over screws. Dang it! I'd like to find a repair manual that goes through the...
  7. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Im sure im not alone of having replaced the t25 torx screws on the center part of trim(the tank part). Now a days im having nontorx and recently i found a seller of original looking torx screws for the center trim part. (46 63 7 719 387 TANK TRIM, CENTER - BLACK) From the fiche the original...
  8. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Dear Fellas, I would like to offer blue original BMW fairing for sale, including carbon mudguard. I have bought a whole set a while ago, replaced the bits I needed to replace, and here is the rest. Please see description of condition of each fairing and price. Pictures are attached, showing...
  9. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Selling my lower right fairing that was damaged from improper trailering. I've highlighted the damaged areas. Red highlights are surface scratches, while the green is deeper. I would have had the piece repainted, but was told the graphitan does not duplicate well. I'll entertain all offers...
  10. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    A proud Papa [8D] my F8S is the Highlighted Product for Pyramid Plastics [:D]
  11. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hi guys, Love the forum. It's helped out a lot for maintenance and the oddity/newness of this bike, a blue '07 st. I had a deer run into me this summer and it cracked the lower right fairing. I've read extensively and it looks like the best product to try is "plastex" from a company in the...
1-11 of 11 Results