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  1. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Hi, I recently crashed my F800S in a rather undignified way - during heavy rain, frontally, in to the car in front of me. Result: Nearly all the fairings are split and I'd like to get the frame out of the bike to get it measured for alignment. That means putting it back in at some point -...
  2. F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F650GS Twin Discussion
    Howdy all, just thought I'd post a short vid of a colleague attempting (and failing) to scale a hill: [lol] To be fair it was only our second day trying out this Enduro stuff. We were at BMW's Enduro Park Thailand. It's a great place, if you're ever in the neighbourhood :)
  3. Motorcycling Videos
    Here is how not to do left turn on a bike. This what happens when you ride your bike like 18 wheeler and do the left turn too late, too wide and too far from the curb and do not do your lifesaver and mirrors look. The gap this lucky guy has left was so big it could have been 4x4 kicking his...
  4. F800 Specific Classifieds
    Hi Fellas, I have original R&G crash mushrooms with frame for sale. Bough from R&G, never even opened the box (was too lazy) and now I am trying to sell my bike... sooo here is the offer - for 100 gbp I am willing to give away those protectors. The are new, in the box for BMW F800ST\s (for ST...
  5. Ride Tales, Campfire Stories, & Pics!
    Here's a couple CT scan images of my spine after breaking my back (L2 vertabra) and tearing ligaments in the L1 through L4 region. This was after a dirt bike riding accident Thanksgiving weekend 2006 in the Southern California Algondonnes dune field (Gordons Well/Buttercup area). I over-jumped...
  6. Motorcycling Videos
    First things first: On with the written word: I had a bit of a crash. Light stuff. 60 KPH, left turn, ice on the road. I'm fine. Really. No pain, not even some bruises to show for. ATGATT. In full disclosure I did go through that road the day before at the same time, at the same temperature...
  7. F800R Modification Nation
    are they compatable? I see the crash bars may interfere with the pastic cover that I want to buy from bmw.
  8. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    Firstly - I apologise for a long absence from the forum! I joined from the start, from when there was a small group of eagerly awaiting the "new" F800S/ST release members, and I have had helpful advice from so many here. Three weeks ago, a driver failed to observe Give Way, and caused me to...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    any Indy 500 fans? I have been to the race and time trials a few times in the past, but now I tend to just watch the highlights (crashes) after the race is over.
  10. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    So went for a nice long ride last weekend. Planning on a 120 mile loop or so.....great ride up into the mountains...65 degrees. Started down a forest service road, relaxed and calm. Doing about 20 mph. Around a sharp northfacing downhill curve bending to the right and HOLY SNOW! Big...
1-10 of 10 Results