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  1. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    How do I find an ODB bluetooth adapter to reset service and read codes? I know I need the BMW-ODB cable adapter and the MotoScan app (w/ licenses). What specs do I need to ask for / find?
  2. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    I got tired of the tangle of wires, RF interference, and the poor quality of Valentine's Remote Audio Adapter, which seems to give up under the stresses of handlebar vibes after about a year. So I decided to try their V1 Connection LE Bluetooth module. It plugs into the V1 radar detector's ACC...
  3. Parts & Accessories Classifieds
    I have a Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Headset that I bought this year, but no longer need. Works fine - clamps to helmet, and earpieces attach inside of helmet with Velcro. I can provide pictures upon request. Includes everything that came in the box. $100, plus shipping. PM, Post a Reply, or...
  4. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    I just installed the Sena SMH5 bluetooth headset in my Arai Vector 2 helmet. Other than a few unexplained little glitches, it works very well. I can listen to music from my iPhone and also make or answer phone calls. In fact, I can even get and send text messages using the Apple Siri service...
  5. Apparel Classifieds
    Selling my twice used camos BTS-300. Specs here: Just ordered the Schuberth with integrated bluetooth! This unit was used on 2 rides and has been sitting in my closet since. You will need to purchase a new mounting...
  6. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    I really, really wanted the N103 integrated comms module for my Nolan helmet. Neat & non intrusive however, I wasn't prepared to pay Au$400+! For my fiftieth, bro bought me a pair of cheap, V2, Chinese, Scala Rider knockoffs like these...
  7. Helmets
    I just got back from the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in DC. I have to say it was pretty toned down compared to the past, but there were a few cool products I really wanted. One, and the one whose price I'd really choke on, was the Schuberth C3. It sounds like everything anyone...
  8. F800GS & F650GS Twin Modification Nation
    Hi all. Does anybody have any experience with stereo bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets? I would like to interface a Zumo and my Iphone into a wireless system with good fidelity. Any suggestions?
  9. F800S & F800ST Discussion
    First of all I would appreciate any feedback you can give me as to which Bluetooth helmet you would purchase or have purchased. I want to be able to pair to my Treo 700w phone, my Zumo 550 to listen to directions and/or phone and possibly my Insignia Rhapsody player for music. I envision...
  10. Electrics - Music/Comms/Radar
    A group of 5 of us are heading out in June on a 2 week tour, traveling around the black sea and wanted to set up an excellent communication system between us. Any recommendations on what helmet is the better adaptable for; 2-way radio Bluetooth ipod Has anyone set up something like this...
  11. F800S & F800ST Modification Nation
    I cant seem to find any reviews of this helmet... Anyone know about it? Looking for a sterio/bluetooth solution for my phone and iPod.
1-11 of 11 Results